What you need:

  • Heavy Box or Table
  • Sign
  • Chair
  • Paper and Pens for Sign
  • Small Paper or Plastic Cups
  • Lemonade in Plastic Pitcher


  1. Ask Mom or Dad if you can have a Lemonade Stand.
  2. Decide on the day, date and time.
  3. Let friends, family and neighbors know when you'll be having it and how much your lemonade will be.       
  4. Make sure you have everything you need (see above)
  5. Make your sign (include the price of your lemonade!)
  6. Make lemonade and put in refrigerator to make it really cold!
  7. Arrange stand. Practice a sale with Mom or Dad.
  8. Begin your sale by shouting, “Lemonade for sale!”
  9. Remember to say, “Thank you for coming!” when someone buys your lemonade.

Print out the sign!

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