Meet Aunt Rose
Aunt Rose made Browndog from an old corduroy skirt and a little magic. Aunt Rose is fun, beautiful and can make anything! She lets us into her kitchen and project room. Aunt Rose teaches us about there anything she doesn't know? Aunt Rose urges us to read the newspaper everyday.


Meet Sally
Sally has had Browndog since she was a baby. She loves to perform plays with Browndog in her garage and make-up stories. Her favorite thing to do with is have lemonade stands in the front of her house with Browndog and work on projects with Aunt Rose. Sally is very good to of herself and to her friends.


Meet Bub
Bub is always planning adventures for the whole gang. His favorite thing to do is to get ready for "The Big Game" & look for fossils. Bub's secret wish is to make a clubhouse in his backyard & play the guitar.


Meet Charlie
Bub's very silly younger brother. Charlie is always making us laugh with his silly sounds, jokes and dances. The sweetest thing about Charlie is how much he loves animals and seems to know how care for them even at such a young age! Charlie loves working with his hands.


Meet Stinky
Stinky belongs to Charlie. Stinky is a good friend of Browndog's. Stinky is known to be shy and a clutz-tripping into some fantastic situations.


BD's coloring